My Area Overview

My Area contains all the data that is unique to you and only you can see your data in 'My Area'. 'My Area' is where you setup all your Dogs and any event you want to attend is added into your personalised 'My Events' list.

Following the flow of the menu you first add in all your Dogs. When you have your Dogs all setup you can then select an event from 'All Events' menu which will add the event into your private event list in 'My Events'. Now that you have the event in 'My Events' you can create entries for that event.

'My Settings' contain many options including different formats of entry forms and this is also where you configure your alerts.

'My Judges' is a list of judges that have been added by using the results for an event. You can search for judges and also add notes about that judge.

'Junior Handlers' contains a list of any junior handler. You can maintain results and also print out blank Entry Forms.

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