Cancelations and withdrawals

Exhibitor Refund Policy

The club is able to cancel the entries and process a refund if they choose to allow it. To request a refund you will need to contact the show secretary that is on the schedule and request a refund.
If the refund is allowed please ask the show secretary to contact us and we can send them instructions on how they can then process the refund.

Show Secretary Refund Process

It's the clubs choice if they want to accept or deny the refund so in that case we enhanced the system to allow you to make that decision and process the refund.

  • Click on 'Club Area' from the top menu
  • Click on 'Club Events' to view the list of events you have access to.
  • From the events list click on your Event Name to view the details for the event.

At the top of the details page there will be a 'Refund Exhibitor' button, click this and then click on the exhibitors name to view their entries. If the event is grouped with other events it will show you all the events on the same page.

Tick all the items that you want to cancel and refund and then click on the 'Process Refund' button.


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