How do I add in all the old results that I have for my dog?

  • Click on 'My Area'
  • Click on 'My Dogs'
  • From the list of Dogs, click on the registration number for the Dog that you want to add the results for. This will take you to a details page for the selected Dog.
  • Click on the 'Results' button at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on  the 'Add Points Balance Result' button
  • Enter the Event Date, Name and select the type of event.
  • Points must be zero or a the number of points that you won.
  • Click 'Save' once all the details are complete.

The results are not limited to only the times when you win points, any results can be added into the results section. Only results that have points greater than zero will be used on Application for Title forms and also the point graph.

The 'Description of the result' field can be any text you want to enter. For example this might be 'Junior In Group' or 'Best Headed Dog' etc.

'BIS Place' is for when you win Best in Show or another place in show like Runner Up in Show, this is not for class in show wins.

'Group Place' is when you win Best in Group or another place in group like Runner Up in Group (group 2nd), this is not for class in group wins.

The BIS and Group place fields will be displayed in your list, if the win was a BIS 1st or Group 1st the results list will give you a tally of these so you are able to keep track of how you are going for your Supreme Title.

In the 'Judge' field either select a judge that you have previously entered or add in a new judge by selecting the 'Add New Judge' tab.

You also have the ability to upload a photo of your win, click on the 'Select Files' button and choose an image that you would like to associate with the win.


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